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Waking up to a delicious gallo pinto breakfast is like a shot of energy straight to my veins! Our adventure for the day started in Pacayitas and took us through the cane fields of Turrialba.

Although it was going to be a long day, it wasn't going to be as tough as the previous ones.

Don Marco took us to the starting point, and we made our way down to Suiza, enjoying our first city stop along the way. We weaved our way through the canals and coffee plantations of Canada to get to Atirro and Pejibaye, where we were treated to stunning views of the reservoir and canals. The heat of Turrialba posed a challenge for us, especially for some team members who had developed blisters from the previous days.

The day was mostly gravel and a bit of asphalt, but we managed to make it to Copal, the best accommodation we've had thus far. We had time to rest, eat well, and prepare ourselves for the task ahead on the following day.

Day 4 was going to be a challenge with 1000 meters of elevation gain after breakfast. We were going to tackle the Tapanti climb, an area I knew well from my years of hiking. Don Marco was waiting for us at the top with hydrating drinks, cold water, and even some beers after the toughest parts of the climb.

We descended to the Orosi valley and started walking up the hill again towards the Rio Macho dam at the top of the mountain. I was a little worried because the accumulated kilometers and ascents were starting to take their toll, but once we reached the summit, it turned into big descents and flat terrain.

We covered almost 40 km that day, ending up at Rancho Rio Perlas - hot springs and beautiful cabins. It was a luxury for a hiker like me, who only expects a warm bed and a good meal. Little did I know what awaited us the next day...

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Apr 05, 2023

What a vivid recounting! It’s like being there with you! Thank goodness that Don Marco was very reliable.

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