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January 1st marked the beginning of a new year and, for us, the last part of our adventure. That day, we faced a long hike of over 50 kilometers, mostly downhill and towards Lastre. After breakfast, we started our effort with 100% enthusiasm.

The first views of the Pacific deeply moved us; after six intense days, we were about to conclude our journey. Needless to say, that day we were determined to finish the task. We descended on jungle-covered paths with spectacular views of the Fila Brunqueña. I still believe that those days offered the best views of the entire trail. The sun was shining high in the sky, which encouraged us to move at a good pace.

We decided to pass through Esquipulas since, in winter, it was very difficult to cross the Paquita River without a bridge. Once in Esquipulas, Don Marco and Doña Conchita were waiting for us to take us as quickly as possible to Quepos. I still remember my desperation to get out of the car and continue walking, despite the more than 50 kilometers we had already walked.

When we started walking again, the sun was still strong and, as we advanced through the Palmar, one of my companions, named Lobo, began to run. J and I looked at him in amazement, but followed him anyway. The last two kilometers of the route felt like the longest of my life. I remember arriving at the bridge over the estuary and calling home, crying with excitement and adrenaline.

There were four of us and Orlando. We had crossed the continent and Costa Rica in seven days. It was the greatest physical achievement of my life, until then. We touched the sea and celebrated with a beer.

I am infinitely grateful to Marco and Conchita for helping us in this madness and to my fellow travelers, all warriors. I love the trail so much that, as of April 2023, I have completed 33 complete routes and am eager for many more.

Soon I will start publishing some tips on the Costa Rica Trail, in its guide version. I hope you read me out there. Thanks for reading; the story is much longer, but here is a brief summary.

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